Chiang Mai and the Monks

Monks receiving alms

We left Pai and had to do the 762 turns road again. Again I had to keep my eyes shot not to get carsick.
I did a lot of researched about Chiang Mai before we left, we wanted to concentrate on the old part of town. The old town is a nice square about 8 km in perimeter. There used to be a big wall around it together with a moat.
I booked a hotel in the perfect location. We spend the days walking around the cozy streets and visiting temples. I can recommend you to go to the local night market instead of the turist one. We tried both and the local one was a winner – Chiang Mai Gate Night Food Market

You will fine food markets everywhere and it’s delicious.
We also found some antiques shops and bought a couple of new Gods to take home to our growing collection.
There is a lot of things to do and see in chiang Mai one of my favorite things was to get up early and go see when the monks come out for alms. I absolutely loved to see that part of the culture. You can find them all around town. I went to the Somphet Market, it was a 5 min walk from our hotel, you have to be there around 7 am. The area around the market was my favorite part of the Old town.

Small streets close to Somphet Market
One of the many temples to visit
The local food market
I loved this sales guy and great Mango´s

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