Explore the hidden places in London

I went to London for two days with my friend Christina. We wanted to do some Christmas shopping and see a bit of the city. We discovered some amazing shops and other areas really worth exploring. Here is my travel guide for two days in London. If you only have limited time, I recommend you take the Metro around the city, it is easy and cheap and it just really works.
There are so many things to do in London and the guide books will tell you all about them, but when I travel I prefer to just wander around and explore the place and see where it takes me. This is a guide to some of the magical places we found.

Your first stop should be the Soho area, it is hip, it is cool and it will amaze you. Check out the Lebanese Restaurant Comptoir, a really cool place, I have never seen anything like it. The Toilets are worth a visit to : )

On Cecil Ct. Convent Garden, you will find the quirkiest shops, we went after the sun had set and it felt like a scene from Harry Potter. There was one shop and quit a big one, that only sold books about music and another one that only had first edition books. Some antique shops and a spirituel shop.

When you are in London you have to see the London Bridge after sunset, it is beautiful! Take a stroll down the Queens walk, where you often will find some small pop up shops, street food stands and other places worth exploring.

Leadenhall Market is close to the bridge and that is definitely worth a visit. London is so beautiful at night.

What is more London like then hats and umbrellas ? You should go to St. Christopher´s Place. There you will find Christy´s a original Hat maker sins 1773. It is a little quiet side-street to Oxford St. with small original shops and good restaurants. In December they have some unique Christmas decorations.

I hope you liked this Post and that it inspired you to go to London, to explore the hidden side streets and the smaller shops.

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