Getting lost in Geothermal Kiwi Land – New Zealand

My Husband is from New Zealand so this adventure was marked Family. Some of his family lives in Wellington, the capital of NZ. I love the Kiwi way of living – they spend a lot of time doing outdoor activities and there are so many options. Plus the food is great!

You should go for a drive around all the many bays that surrounds Wellington. They are all different and you can really see the scenery changing.

5 years ago we got married in Wellington and went on a Honeymoon down South, so this time I just had to see the North Island.

After a week in Wellington with the family we went on a roadtrip op North. So here are my recommendations for what you have to see.

Rimuataka Forest Park is one of the greenest areas I have ever seen! You should drive through the whole area and stop at the many lookout posts.

Craters of the Moon and Wai-O-Tapu are absolutely amazing, walking in the Geothermal pools and Craters is something you have to try. Seeing the green lakes and mud-pools is mind blowing, but be careful not to get lost, there is a lot of signs that points towards the sights but hardly any leading to the out. It is not the worst place to get lost though and there are guides walking the path so they will find you eventually : )

Taupo was my favorite town in the North. Cozy, small and with a good range of shops, restaurants and friendly locals. Stay at the Baycrest Logde and order one of the rooms with the private hotpool. We loved it! The water comes for natural reserves deep in the ground. You open a tap and fill up the tub yourself.

New Zealand is a beautiful place, everyone should go see it for themselves.

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