Haad Yao beach – Koh Phangan

This year was my 3rd time in Koh Phangan, it´s one of my favorite places, this Island is most known for the full moon party. I still haven’t been to one, maybe next time.

We stay at Haad yao beach (West) on the other side of the Island then the party’s, where you´ll find beautiful beaches, stunning sunsets, hippy vibe and total relaxation. The whole west-coast of the Island is more laid back and it has the most beautiful beaches. Its a 20 min cheep Taxi ride to the main town Thong Sala. You can find accommodation in all price ranges here, but mainly its cheep and hippy-like places.
Haad Yao beach is about 1 km long, super soft white sand, with a good range of restaurants and bars, it is close to several small shops and ATM´s. It´s not the best beach for snorkeling but all in all Koh Phangan is not known for its coral reefs, but you can take the ferry to Koh Tao, there you will find much better snorkeling. Read my beach Guide in Koh Tao here.

This time we stayed at the Long Bay Resort, Its nice and simple bungalows right at the beach. We chose it for the location and it had all what we needed.

When you need to go Explore a bit, here is what you should try.

Have dinner at the Pan Tip Night market, it´s a local food market, so cheep and delicious. Go to Malibu beach, different and beautiful beach. Snorkel at Mae Had, the best snorkeling you will find on the Island. You should visit one of the temples and take the tour to one of the waterfalls. Have sunset drinks at the Freeway bar, the vibe there is awesome. Go for a evening walk and spot the Gecko´s, that´s one of my favorite things to do. The one in the photo is a small one but the can quit big.

I´m really looking forward to going back next year. Read more about our travel plans for next year here.

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