How to plan and book your own adventure

If you are not comfortable booking your own flight or hotels, or if it feels scary, not to have a lifeline to call, when you are in a new place, then do not worry, there are plenty of agencies out there, that can help you book your dream holiday. You do pay more, then when you do it your self and sometimes you cant chose what hotel you are staying at. If you do use a agency. Be prepared when you contact them, where do you want to go, what kind of hotel, what do you want to see? The more info you give them the better they can help you make your dream holiday.

I newer use agencies, due to several factors – 1. It is to expensive – 2. I love to plan and take my time, to find the exact right location – 3. For me it feels a lot more like an adventure if I do it my self.

Location is everything! a bad location on a beautiful island can ruin the holiday.

I start with my best friend –, Here you can find all the info you need about the chosen destination. You can find out where you want to stay and what you want to do. The rest you will find out when you get there.

I start searching for flights first. I use It gives you a lot of choices and my experience the best prices. It is often cheaper to fly out on a Sunday then on a Monday or Friday. Flying home is Cheapest on a Thursday or Tuesday. If you need to change flights then think about how long a layover you are willing to have, the longer the layover the cheaper the price.

When I have the info I need from Skyscanner, I check out the airline web page and search around to compare prices. Now I am ready to book my chosen flight, in 95% of the times I book on skyscanner.

Remember to check if you need a Visa for the country you are entering and always be sure your travel insurance is valid.

Hotels I book on or I like the pages and the prices. Sometimes I make a price check on Trivago or at the chosen hotels own web page. I find the walk in prices more expensive, then doing it online, so I always pre-book hotels, even booking it the same day it´s cheaper online.

I read travel blogs and get inspired from other travelers and what they think about the town or area or hotel. The reviews on the hotels sites are really helpful to.

Google maps are great for finding out if there are any stores, ATM’s or restaurants in the area.

I google about what I would like to see in the area and how to get there from my location. When you are there the locals can help you with the rest, you are not the first tourist there 🙂

The first adventure I planned was 4 months back-packing in the Philippines. I did not investigate the areas enough, so we ended up in some strange places. It was an adventure! But I could have been with out some of them- I can not recommend the 24 Hour karaoke hotel in Vilalimpia or the really really remote area in Bohol, with a horrible beach.

Every time you book and plan you get better : ) so go for it! It dos take some time but it is well worth the effort. Research can make the difference between a good holiday or the best holiday ever.

If you have any questions about booking or planing you are welcome to contact me on email

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