Pai – Hippy town in the jungle

Sunset in the Canyon

The road to Pai is unbelievable. We original wanted to take a taxi from Chiang Rai to Pai but we got told that the mountain road there was really ruff and quit dangerous, so we went to Chiang Mai on a bus and then a minivan from there to Pai. It is so cheap to travel with public transportation in Thailand, we payed 12 Euro pp for a 6,5 hour trip.
The Road to Pia contains 762 turns! There was sick-bags on the seats in the Van. I thought I would enjoy the drive and take photos on the way, I just had my eyes shot not to get carsick. We saw a truck that has crashed into the mountain side on the way up, this is a crazy roade! It’s worth it though.
Pai is a laid back mountain town with an amazing night market and nightlife! The food is so good and cheap.There is a lot of yoga places and the streets is filed with great Thai and vegan food. In the daytime the town is quiet but at 5 PM it´s packed with food and people and the bars are opening.
The temperature during daytime are 30 but in the evenings it gets quit cold. When we arrived we did wonder why they sold woolen hats and ponchos, well at 9 pm knew why.
Pai offers everything what a relaxing holiday requires. If your to Healthy hippy life or the partying one. Pai has the same vibe as the Islands just without the beach.
And just outside town you find stunning mountain views and farmlife.
We will definitely return and spend a bit more time in Pai.

A short walk out of town you find a lot of fun Hostels with great Party´s and a lot of Thai farm life.
The best Ice Coffee and Ice Chocolate ever!! A little place right across from the Bookshop on the walking street. It’s a must try in Pai.
Walkin street just before they open.
Pai River bank
A Monk is enjoying the sunset at the Canyon

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