Road-trip 2019

On this summer road-trip, me and my husband went to Southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and France.
The shoes we both got for Christmas have now visited nine Countries. This has been a good travel year for us.We drove 1005 km the first day just to get down Germany.
Our first stop was Schwangau a little town really close to the Neuswanstein Castle (Disney Castle).
Read my post about the castle here.
This area is in Tirol and there is a lot to see and do here, a great place to start the road-trip.

We left Germany and went to a nature reserve in Austria. Hinterriss a beautiful remote area with only one way in. You do have to pay to get in, but it is worth it.
There are so many walking trails in this area, so it is perfect for nature lovers.
There is not much there, a tiny museum and two hotels, so you really feel the peace of the surrounding the mountains.

Hinterriss, Austria
Hinterriss, Austria
Hinterriss, Austria

After some days in Austria, we said hello to Lichtenstein. Here we drove over our first mountain pass, and at the top there was snow! We went from 24 degrees to snow and at the top we landed in a queue. We found out there was a mountain race going on so they blocked the road and we just had to wait.
Sam spotted an antiques store, so we spend a bit of time sniffing around there and I got a good view to the castle in Vaduz.

Snow on the road
Castle, Vaduz

We crossed the border into Switzerland and drove over another mountain pass, 1508 m over sea level. Our tiny car was doing so well even if we did get overtaken by a cyclist.

The first stop in Switzerland is Iseltwald, and what a place. Our favourite place on the trip. I made a review of the town and the hotel we stayed at, you can read it here.

I can only recommend this beautiful and peaceful place. There is everything you need. A little convenience store, several restaurants and a really cozy outdoor cafe.
We just loved this little place, it was so peaceful with a lively vibe.


On the way to our next stop we found another antiques shop. Sam found a sled! It was 30 degrees here but he could not live without an original Swiss sled. We managed to fit it in the car. Well you can actually fit anything in the a VW Up!

Next stop on our trip was Gruyeres, a middle-age town, known for the Gruyere cheese.
This town got way too popular, it is a tourist place with many buses coming in all the time, way too many people and the prices are ridiculous even for Switzerland. We spend the afternoon watching eagles on our balcony away from the crowds.
Later on we dared to venture out again and we had a fondue, you have to have one in the cheese town.


We left the tourist town and went in to France her we crossed the last two mountain passes, we had a traffic jam on the top by cows running free and a lot of motorbikes. It was good fun, even with the time wasted waiting for them to pass.

Cow traffic jam
More mountain pass traffic jam

After a days driving we arrived at our destination, The Alsace Wine Route, and here we had a real French experience. A lunch by the river, baguettes, foire gras, cheese and wine. We had to by a knife at a souvenir shop so we could cut the cheese. This dinner was more expensive then a 2 Michelin star restaurant because we also bought the food in a tourist shop. We got the idea when we where strolling through the old town of Colmar.
But it was all worth it, we had a great time exploring the riverbank and drinking wine out of the bottle and dipping our toes in the cold water.

See my review of the cosy town Riquewihr here.


It was time to set the GPS to HOME, we slowly worked our way up through Germany and made a stop at the Neandertal museum. I now know a lot more about our ancestors, and saw where they found some of the first bones.

It was an amazing road-trip! We are ready for the next one in 2020.

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