The Eagles Nest – The historic mountain

Despite the emotional history, this place is a must see. It seams like an impossible build, the big house on top of a small mountain, 1834 m over sea level.
When you walk around the house you can still feel the history, even if they made quit a few changes.
What used to be Hitlers living room is now a restaurant and outside you will find a beer garden where big black birds feed on leftover food. 
The big marble fireplace is still intact and the beams in the house are the originals but the rest is quit modern.
To get there you have to hop on a buss, the ride up is steep and scenic, they run every 15 min. 

When you get to the top you will see some amazing steel doors and a long moist corridor, at the end there is a big elevator. It is gilded with polished brass and green leather and can carry 53 people. They say that the elevator never had a breakdown, it has been running since 1938.
This place is so well build and really hard to access unnoticed.
If you feel like a good hike there are walking paths up there, the day I was there it was quit foggy but on clear days you should be able to have a panoramic view up to 200 km.

I am really glad I have seen this place, even if it is related to the dark times of history. Somehow it felt good to see that they turned it in to a restaurant filed with happy people.

View from the beer garden

The leftover eaters

The view on a quit cloudy day

The corridor to the elevator

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