The Ruins of Sukhothai

We left the City and traveled by train to Phitsanulok. It was a really pleasant journey. Great service on the train and they even served lunch which was 10 times better than any airline food I ever had. In Phitsanulok we hired a Tuk Tuk driver to take us to the old city of Sukhothai. Its a 60 km drive. I booked a place in the Old City for us. 5 min walk from the entrance to the historical park. It was a great location! Sukhothai is divided in 2 areas, the Old and New city. We only explored the old part.

There is everything you need, 7/11, restaurants, bars, a few shops and a fresh food market. We stayed for 2 nights and that was perfect for us. Exploring the whole park takes about a day. Its divided in to zones and every zone cost a small fee. We went to Zone 1 and 2 which contained the thing we wanted to see. We walked but you can also rent a bicycle to get around the park.

My best advise is to go see them in daytime and at sunset. (the ticket is valid for a whole day)

Our stay was at the same time as a big festival. One of the biggest in Thailand apparently. Government people was there and television reporters and a lot of Shows. It was fun to experience but it did take a bit of the magic away. When we walked among the ruins, we felt the history and the age of the place. Truly a magical place.

We loved Sukhothai and would love to go back!!

From the Festival
From the Festival

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